Do Teachers Need Social Media Policies for Facebook?

Social Media Policy for Teachers

Should a student accept a friend request from their teacher? Can a teacher send tweets to his students? How about former students? Where do you draw the line between what’s acceptable and what’s out of bounds. This is where Social Media Policy documents provide direction.

Social Media Policy Documents for Educational Institutes

In Odessa, texting between teachers and students is a touchy subject. And to address this, the Ector County School District is creating Social Media Policy documents to define what’s appropriate and what’s not.

For example:

If a teacher wants to text a student, or vice versa, it must be related to school business.

Other changes include changing how electronic media is defined to include social media technologies, text messaging, blogs, chat rooms and social networking sites.

The Texas Association of School Boards made the recommendations.


For most schools, the use of Social Media sites such as Facebook has been a positive experience. However, there are always rogue elements or those who will abuse guidelines for the sake of it.

To address this, and protect themselves from legal repercussions, schools need to define Social Media Policy guidelines that give best practices to teachers and show where and how to use these sites to optimum effect.

Most teachers and students want to do the right thing. Providing them with a set of guidelines is one way to create a framework upon which they can build a positive Social Media experience.