White Paper: 9 Social Media Best Practices

Where do social media policies fit into your overall social media strategy? This white paper from Stevens and Tate Marketing identified nine best practices for social media. This white paper addresses: social environment consumer behavior benefits of being social social involvement ladder valuable ways to use social media how to measure results According to Dan […]

5 Social Media Policies Mistakes To Avoid

How do you improve your Social Media policies? With more firms using Facebook to connect with customers, there are many grey areas on what you can – and cannot – say on Social Media sites. So, what policies do you need to prioritize first? Transparency – have you told readers that the views you share […]

UK Legal Firm Slater Heelis Launch Social Media Policy Guidelines


What’s the main advantage of having a Social Media policy? From a legal perspective it protects you if an employee acts unprofessionally on a Social Media site, even out of office hours. One UK firm, Slater Heelis, recently developed their own Social Media policy. Tracey Guest, head of employment at Slater Heelis, says: “Many employers […]

Does your company have a clear social media governance policy?


InformationWeek reports that the National Labor Relations Board released a report in August 2011 on how Social Media is used in the workplace. The report concluded that employees can’t be fired for what they say on social media sites providing they “use their chosen platform to talk about improving their workplace.” Michael Brito, explains that the […]

Employee sues (and wins) over lack of social media policies

Looking for reason to develop a social media policy? Many firms are now finding that the lack of a policy is costing them, in real financial terms, when disgruntled employees sue. And win the case. For example, in the UK, the latest changes to unfair dismissal rights, may not have the desired effect. Rotherham’s Oxley […]

Are social media policies a knee-jerk reaction?

Implementing social media policies

Writing social media policies is easy; implementing them is hard. The difficulty for HR managers is getting sufficient buy-in from their staff to make the policies effective. If you create the social media policies but your staff rejects or resist their usefulness, then it’s unlikely they’ll be used or applied correctly. Staff may also deliberately […]

Survey: Only 25% of firms have dedicated social media policy

No one needs a Social Media policy until it’s too late. The recent case of a US police officer sharing photos of gangland murders raised the question of how government agencies and professional firms can control Social Media. Survey: 25% have dedicated social media policy Research byDLAPiper highlights that Many employers (65%) encourage the use […]

The Dilemma of Social Media Policies

Isn’t writing a Social Media Policy like hitting a moving target? By the time you have your policies lined up, the landscape changes. And you need to revise the Social Media Policies again.

Do Teachers Need Social Media Policies for Facebook?

Should a student accept a friend request from their teacher? Can a teacher send tweets to his students? How about former students? Where do you draw the line between what’s acceptable and what’s out of bounds. This is where Social Media Policy documents provide direction.

Using Social Media Policies to Reduce Legal Issues

Jeanette Borzo in The Wall Street Journal highlights the issues facing companies struggling to develop and execute Social Media Policy documents. While policy development seems straightforward, getting the message across to all employees can be ‘challenging’.

Should I Write a Social Media Policy?

When everyone starts writing Social Media Policy documents for Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media channels, you know it’s time to pay attention. For HR and Legal departments, this presents both opportunities and risks. If my Social Media Policies are well-written, then I’m covered if any employee shares information without authorization. But what happens if the Social Media Policy doesn’t make the grade and fails the organization.

How the US Army Uses Social Media Policies

Ever wonder how the US Army uses Social Media and what policies and guidelines it has created? The US Army is investing in Social Media and educating its workforce on how to use it correctly. Here are some examples of how the military and the DOD are creating, writing, and implementing Social Media policies.

21 More Free eBooks on Social Media

If you liked the free ebooks on Social Media we shared last month. then these twenty-five other books by Chris Brogan, SEObook, Skellie and Peter Pixel make great reading. Most are in PDF.

11 Free eBooks on Social Media Strategy

Looking for some tutorials on Social Media, in particular using Facebook and Twitter for marketing and policy development, then these 10 free ebooks including strategy papers from Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, and John Jantsch will help get you started

The Mayo Clinic’s 7 Social Media Guidelines

The main thing Mayo employees need to remember about blogs and social networking sites is that the same basic policies apply in these spaces as in other areas of their lives. The purpose of these guidelines is to help employees understand how Mayo policies apply to these newer technologies for communication, so you can participate with confidence not only on this blog, but in other social media platforms.